High Definition Modern Projectors

Technological development, especially the promotion of semiconductor technology, portable electronic devices are constantly designed and manufactured. The improvement of portable electronic devices has made the requirements for display devices of human-machine interfaces more and more toward miniature, large-screen and high-resolution.

Prompted by the strong demand of the majority of users, in recent years the rapid development of projector technology, DLP and other products have introduced high performance, small size and light weight portable projector. In the field of projection, due to the use of different scenes, the projection device has the same function. For example, in a home or a large stage, when the projection device needs to perform multi-directional projection display according to the user’s intended projection direction, the projection device needs to track and track the user’s intended projection position, thereby changing the projection direction of the projection lens and performing high-quality Smart projection. Therefore, an intelligent projection system that can track the user’s intention projection direction, change the direction of the projection lens in real time and perform projection image correction, and achieve high-quality projection display becomes one of the focuses in the field of projection in the future.

Technology to achieve ideas The technical problem to be solved by the present technology is to provide a real-time tracking of the direction of the user’s projection, according to the user’s direction of projection of the real-time projection of the projection lens and the direction of the second camera for projection display and projection screen correction movement Projector , Can achieve high-quality intelligent projection display, can be used in a variety of occasions, giving users different visual enjoyment and entertainment.